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You know what?  We get it.  Everybody hates the request form.  But here's the deal.  I can pretty much guarantee that your party is going to be unique.  Like super special, one of a kind, never-before-seen unique.  So we've got to get some deets in order to give you a super-special, one of a kind, never-before-seen kind of quote.  So don't leave us hanging!  We can't WAIT to hear from you!

Please view our package pricing or Build Your Own Bar package using the link below.  Submit your proposal and we'll be in touch ASAP to discuss details!  Please remember that Submitting a Proposal does not guarantee pricing or availability nor does it commit you to anything.  So click away!

K-Bar Party Purveyors

Home of BubbleBee Bars

Denver, CO


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