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Hi! I'm Kodie

And I'm the Owner, Founder, Master of Ceremonies, Head Honcho and Fool In Charge around here.  Naturally, I can't do it alone.  I have a whole host of other fools who help, assist, implement, create, innovate and talk me into and out of crazy ideas.  Sure, we're a mobile bar biz but, more importantly, we're in the bizness of making people happy!  We help take events from average to extraordinary and we specialize in putting smiles on people's faces!  And, heck, we don't just serve booze - we can serve coffee, kombucha, cupcakes, pizza, cannabis and more!  Contact us with all your crazy ideas and we'll help make them a reality.  That or tell you that's too crazy but... why not find out?

Kodie Ketchbaw

Lead Party Purveyor

I do what she says...

Kodie comes up with the vision, and I'm the guy who makes it happen.  Most of the time I have no idea what's going on around here.  I just do what she says...

Nat Thompson

Assistant Fool In Charge


No scrap left behind

I'm Milo the Magnificent, Inspector of Undercarriages and Overseer of Tomfoolery and Other Shenanigans, of which there are aplenty around here.  Maybe you'll see me.  Maybe you won't.  But rest assured, I'm always lurking nearby in the background just waiting for you to drop your prosciutto.  Relax... I got this.


Overseer of Tomfoolery

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